completely shocked

i was not much inspired today to write something as i was empty minded but here i watched Indian Idol the show about which i m just crazy and then i was completely shocked. One of the talented singers and a very gud performer Rahul was voted out by indians. i dont know why it always happens to him where ever he participates he doesnt get wat he deserves as it has happened in many of indian singing competitions where he participated. And dat ravinder ravi who has a weak background but doesnt have that extra-ordinary talent is applauded one episode after another, these ppl are real emotional fools. Plus these ppl also made my Aditi Paul cry. i love her performances… anywayz no problem if aditi cries coz she is at best in anything she does. LOL. I hope she wins, Prajakta is also very good 😉 Farah Khan cried, infact whole group of participants and public cried, even rahul Cried alot and all of them gave him a standing ovation that he truly deserved.

More over heading towards much serious talk. Hours ago, i realized at 12:00 am that “Charity begins at home”. We have seen the effects of tsunami incident but the huge enthusiasm of people to help these victims blew me away. i am proud to see that humans exist in these times too.It is always rightly said that if u want to change the world, first change urself from within and we indeed saw that. Every person -across the globe- is contributing so well that only ARY DIGITAL has accumulated above 2 Million Dollars, but with this monetary help these ppl need your prayers too. Help them in making their lives easier. There are many hints(nishanian) for everybody in everything that happens so please keep your eyes and minds open and use your intellect to understand urself and the supreme power GOD.


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