feeling just awesome!

Today is 9th jan 2005, we went to pizza hut to celebrate my best frnd umer’s bday… i have got fed up by ph but it was huge fun today as all of us agreed to come and sit at one place after about million unsuccessful efforts which were made sometime in the past. Treats are always fun and so is “chocolate fantasy ice-cream”. Being around friendz is always a gr8 joy b’coz my frndz are ultra cool ofcourse like me. we just rocked the ph by our noisy cheers and laughs about our lousy universities duh! In addition to all that menace, we also made the whole place messy like an upside down cheese cake. We didnt waste any chance to annoy those waiters too. Raza a.k.a. Chuchoo my notorious frnd (btw he is famous for it) was the hero i mean zero of the day. He has too volumes: loud and louder, second one was his preference today LOL. cant forget hira and saebz too for their amazing company. AKHSS(my kewl h. skool) was the greatest thing which ever happened to me and these are the best frnds i have ever made plus i dunt noe when we will meet again as making and messing plans has become our fav hobby. i hope we remain frnds till eternity lasts. 🙂


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