i m blessed so much!

God has showered his countless blessings on me, may be much more than i truly deserve. I m blessed so much; if i add ‘from others’ in this sentence, would it be justified? i dont think so. Many times we just compare ourselves with others that he has this and i dont have this blah blah! is it fair enough? no certainly not. HE is the master of all creatures, he takes care of every one of them without any prejudism. HE is always fair, its the other thing that HE might not look just to many people but- let me make this thing clear to you – he has given u all the resources by which you can lead a good life. He has given u the greatest gift ‘Intellect‘ by which you can find him and succeed in anything you want and always remember Money doesnt define your success because smugglers are also very rich. HE is always there, u only have to do one thing: just find HIM by find HIS resources, made full use of them, be satiated with it, thank HIM and try to fulfill your religious purpose of life. This life is a trust given by him to you so dont be dishonest with it. Intellect is not the only thing; he has given me loving family, nice friends, different guardian angels in form of humans, many opportunities by which i can try to attain my aim of life to complete the Purpose of my life. There is a big difference in both of them. Dont take your religion for granted and also dont follow it blindly. Just try to enjoy the small happy moments in your life, always be thankful and Dont forget to inspire and aspire 🙂 feel like writing much more, but i think its enuff for today.

PS: i m damn sleepy since morning, tsa is as pathetic as kyunke saas…. i m depressed, hourlies are coming near and fear is hitting me badly. i wanna sleep for gud– hey not forever but for betterment LOL =P


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