does heaven look like this?

i completed my 10 yrs of education in 2002, now more than 2 yrs have passed and during these two yrs, i had no contact with my best friend and shweet sis Rabz. But today she called and i talked to her after such long time. it was a pleasurable talk. we termed her as most jangli and jaahil gal in our skool whose only interest was daada giri and datz it. she even didnt knew how to talk with someone but here she is speaking with me via phone in ENGLISH with such adorable accent dat my mind kept saying only one word Amazing, it looked like i was day-dreaming. The thing is she had never showed her interest in studies in skool, but when she got into college; she had a passion of im-proving herself plus she got alot of motivation from her peers and teacher too. A girl who never got good marks in english took advanced english in her hsc with subjects like psychology and passed it with flying colors. Isn’t it gr8!

“U’ll never get to heaven if u’re scared of getting high”

She told me that she has also transformed herself from a tomboy to a gal – with streaked hairs and coloured lenses. wwwoooo! so much has changed in these two yrs. We all (me, sehrish, rabz and many others) were such good friends in skool, we used to annoy our english teacher, bunking periods while sitting in kitchen LOL, participating in every event and ohh dat cooking competition was such a fun. We indeed had a blast spending those 10 yrs in the skool. Our friendship is like a rainbow where everyone has different personality like different colors of rainbow, living at different ends but our feeling of friendship, care and concern is always coherent like one band of several overlaping colors. I look forward to meet all my frnds at skool pretty soon and i hope that we remain friends till eternity lasts. 🙂 very happy today, she made my day – rabz impressed me much!

tomorrow’s topic for study: DIVERSITY


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