cold coffee’s curse

happy b’day to dad…. toda was a nice day full of joys, learning and fun.

there is nothin betta den cold coffee… no substitutes available. with every sip, u start possessing it, eventually asking for more of it and when dat one cup is all consumped, u cry for another… give me as much coffee as u can and will keep on drinking it until and unless i dunt get fed up with its sugar. i like combination of little sweet and little bitter with less milk and more sips 😉 i m changing into a coffee freak, sweet fanatic. hey its suits me best coz i m as sweet as sugar and as addictive as coffee. tada!!! i dunt understand the fact that once you start liking coffee, y u become so greedy for it. i m afraid of falling into the category, i will control my temptation and will have coffee only once in a week or so.


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