6 seconds to achieve freedom

fears run through narrow veins with a speed i just cant explain! fears restrict us from doing things want we want to do. fear drives me crazy like everyone else. the over-ruling factor of it, shorten our horizons. it is a courage indeed to think about these fears itself and then constantly worry about it, but its not the solution. fear and then freedom; 6 seconds are vacant between their transition. those 6 seconds can make you their slave for lifetime(or atleast till the time when those 6 seconds come again). if you just push yourself back then you will end-up being marooned from your ambition or else the worries and shivers will make you mad and anxious. Letting fear go in those 6 seconds is the wisest thing to do because this will give you a life-long freedom. Learning with fear, is it appropriate?

“Proper Learning cannot be carried out with fear”. yeah thats why financial economics is out of my reach. When your teacher cant tolerate the noise of your ballpens, the noice of your coughs, or the noise in the corridor plus obviously the noise made by the fans and all other noises – which i haven’t mentioned – because he cant concentrate then God help! that learning can be worst than hell. students are so scared that they are ruining their future and ofcourse if they dont, they will be kicked out of the class with alot of insult classifying them as marijuana addicts but the fact is the people who can’t concentrate are more likely to be addicts of wateva – u noe whom i m pointing. it hasn’t happened to me yet and there is not enuff classes left too 🙂 life is the name of adjusting but its the fact that one hand can’t clap. If CA’s are like this… i wont be like one of them, if i got through it smoothly with all dat mess.

love is also a fear… fear of losing someone. let be free, love dem as much as you can. dont allow the environment, condition and miseries take the matter in their own hands. love is name of giving and not taking. giving is more important when others want it badly coz they dont have anything else to live on; n never forget the love and support dat they gave u b4.

crawling in my skin

these wounds they will not heal

fear is how I fall

confusing what is real

Linkin Park: The Hybrid Theory


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