promoting sleepy-ism

Most people consider number SEVEN to be lucky but its far – yeah far unlucky for me. The small hand of clock on 7 and the bigger one on 12, that makes 7 o’clock – an everyday curse for me.
Chilly Mornings are always problematic. It was 7 o’clock, i was under my blanket and it was its warmth which kept me alove. Mom was trying hard to wake me up by her low soothing voice and me crying (as usual) for few more minutes – to get my senses back; or simply to sleep more. And with every upcoming beg, my mom’s voice changed into a shout – louder voice. All the drama made me realized that I was damn very late duhhh!! life is such a trauma . With that imperfect-fast-dressing and other hinderances on road, i was late at school. But no worries at all coz the perfect teacher was also late. All of this run and hosh posh was meant to be a FULL STOP to my suffering but the picture was actually other way round. First class: English Essay Writing; i got my worst essay structure, scored 5.3, wanted to have 5.8 – 6. why m i pampered so much! anywayz i like it =P… The rest of classes were extremely boring too and it is always impossible to sleep on the lousy chairs of my not-so-darling school. “WANT UNCONDITIONAL SLEEP”


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