the two sides of a coin

yesterday, there was a carnival – organized by US. we thoroughly enjoyed it, all those cheers at our stall, noisy announcements by one and only ME, papi chulo song, tall clown and especially flying high on desi version of the pirate ship ride. It was great fun! made a huge profit for our organization. But the worst part is that my exams are commencing from tomorrow, its really tough to satisfy the whole faculty and administration when u r doing CA. So, pray for me. There is loadz of burden of studies, a huge course completed in less than 6 months – sounds pathetic and it really is like this. Luck and hardwork both counts. I hope I get through.

-IM(indus music) is becoming garbage day by day(worst show is cafe current- those two gals interrupting each other, don’t know wat VJ-ing is all about). But there is still some hope left. Saw “on the fringe”, fantastic show, raw feel, no ambiance but something really worth watching… promoting wat i term as intellectual or alternative entertaiment.

-shahida mini defining fashion is the most lame paindoo-ish thing, i have ever seen on TV.

studies are more imp… bye


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