bitter experiences

rain makes me lazy…. i was suppose to study alot the previous night but sleep took the revenge, duh!!! and then that chilly morning, i was literally frozen, felt like i was under a big block of ice. Winds hitting me like hell and i m helpless, i can’t do anything. Tension was already there because of the paper and in addition to it was the atmosphere of muree. Unfortunately or fortunately, i have neva been to muree but that moment defined it all, snow was the thing that i felt missing.

Travelling through traffic of karachi at afternoon, was a death sentence today. i thought about my family for a moment and then felt like praying for forgiveness of my sins from the God almighty as everything is unpredictable in karachi and u neva know( r u getting my point). I got the answer of my curiousity about the increasing rate of road accidents.

But the paper went well, i m happiee. i could have done betta but with such less time and that big problems, its fair enough!!

“alls well that ends well”


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