blogging is fun!

its such an annoying feeling, when u have lots of thoughts to speak about but there is no one available to lend an ear for it – or u r running short of time because of some busy schedule to share them with others. Luckily, i have my computer – i call it idiot box – and a blog to vomit out my thoughts but sigh! time is a very cruel thing. This whole thinking process made me realize that BLOGGING has become an essential part of my life. For me, writing has turned into passion. BLOG has helped me in understanding myself and different issues. It has given me insight over how i think about different aspects of life at a certain moment… soundz so intellectual, this is me.

There is always some driving force behind everything, and yes therez also one acting here. I have seen one of my frnd Hira writing a blog, she also advised me to have one it looked a boring and time consuming thing to me. I was right for that moment only. When I joined CA, my english teacher Ms. Saulat – a gr8 teacher with awesome personality – told me that i can write well. Then all the applause flattered me, the comments by fellow peers motivated me, and finally i have a blog to say it my own. Then there was a class of functional english (there are too many english classes and as many teacher too in CA), where the Ms. Shehla told us about her writing passion and give a gem of advice that i can neva forget. She told if u feel like writing something, you have really a great attachment to something and you feel it strongly then u will always write well about it. It worked for me and here i am writing a blog. I write it for my satisfaction but i always like comments about how i write, wat u like about this blog, where are the loop holes, what should i improve etc. I know many people visit my blog but the sad part is that only 1% of them comment. Its okay! Life is like this.

PS: saw amina haq in mahive vdo of faakhir… vdo is a medium of expression but sigh! they just waste money. amina haq is not my fav but she looked awesome in the vdo.. nabila is the woman behind her looks here.. cheorography was excellent maybe coz the person was an indian. overall asim raza doesnt know to experiment on the plot but there are always some elements which are surprising in his videos.


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