I have a very bad memory in this young age of mine – maybe bcoz of my injury – and as always during my journey from home to school, i thought something on which i wanted to write but forgot. Despite this fact i have to write something as i went to a boring shaadi today and now the only thing which can grant me some peace is blogging for sure. Lets start with journey in buses, i hate travelling in karachi’s public buses as there is cheap crowd, alot of noise and filthy atmosphere but we have to compromise on many things in life. But i specially like the drama that we can see when i bus stops at a stop and alot of bachas come and advertise their baloons like”china ke bade bade gubaare, 5 ke das aur 5 ke paanch”. I sometimes thing what is their lives? Child Labour uff! i feel so much pity for them but dear wat can we do when life is so cruel.
….Then you come home after a one hour journey, u switch on your tv and wat u see. Models are pampered and are termed as VIP. Those politicians and many of the elites are also like those models. Those ppl show off and wat they get is a VIP tag and treatment. I think the real VIP for me is my dad, mom, some of peers and all those who are contributing to make my life and world better but sigh! no recognition for them. we are such jerks duh!
……. And then u go for a hair job, boredom strikes and the next second u feel sleepy but the end part i.e. shave is the best part. it refreshes you, u can sense the breeze, u are pampered and who in the world doesnt like it. it is not for free baby i have given bucks to the hairdresser. nothing comes free in this world.


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