acknowledging the significant

hey i am a leo.. we ppl have few friends but they all are really close ones bcoz they are tested on the scale of time. we dont go for any altoo faltoo person, they can join us but they cant be our real friends. What to do, we are helpless coz of this habit. You have to be “special” to be my friend. The ones who are not in my company, they surely are losing some fun. I am not being a sweet parrot but yeh thats how i feel and other say too. I like only those who are down to earth, balanced and caring. They should be very defensive for their friends and should be good to me. I hate those who are Muun Charao type. These are absurd showoffs having huge complexes within. The result is that sick reputation and nobody like them so Hey who want you, if u dont want me then bye bye tata adieuz. Thanks to all those who have been my real friends. Company is large at my side but the true ones are the only special ones. Would like to acknowledge them. Umer, Hira and Sabika… u are th best frnds i have ever got. Wasim, u r my bro!! some other significant frnds in my REC group(dey noe who dey r)… kudos for ya. Thanks for everything u have done for me. May we be friends till eternity last. Adore ya all 🙂 Call me whenever u need me and i will always try to be there.


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