boring procedure… ruined my day!

we people believe that there are four reasons in a year but hey think again. aren’t they 6? tsk! why u people always forget the examnation and the damn ADMISSION season. I hate these two to such an extent that my blood boils above104o centrigrade. Exams make me tensed, depressed and sleepy so i have to use my laughing therapy to soothe myself but for admissions there is no way out. duhh!! All those running when time is also running short, waiting in long queues, tolerating other people’s fights in the queues, anger of people, understanding what people are saying while eating those Paans, saying the sir sir thingy again and again, the problems of attesting all the lame documents, misplacing documents, errors by administration and all other chaos. isnn’t it a big time pakao(boring) thingy but everyone have to move through this phase but it is more disgusting for BCom, if you are doing ca and want to do bcom as well for the safe side. With CA alot of more problems come along, infact CA is also an enigma.


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