P = past-and-present

Past never fades away, it floats with the present. Have you ever asked yourself a question such as why do some ppl have such behaviors or attitudes? or why do u have certains phobias? or why do u have particular interests? or why anything comes in your way to restrict u from doing something?

i m sharing you one such incident whose effect flowed with me for many years. Once i was left at the bus stop when i was probably aged 7-8 yrs. I was so terrified that i started shouting and then was boarded on the bus. After such horrible experience it took me around 6 – 7 yrs to feel safe enough to travel in a bus.

Most of people have absurd emotions (call it behaviors) of anger, fear, depression, pessimision etc etc, thats also because of some past experience or some psychological disturbance.Past is part and parcel of Today, and if you still dont break that block of ice now, then its already too late to say adieuz.


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