Its all about her, and me. She is my valentine.

Mother – a feminine manifestation of love. Love that is name of sacrifice for her when she doesn’t eat something so her child (18 yr. old grown-up) can enjoy eating it. Love, which shapes up as hope when she wants her son to be best and succeed. Love moulds into her pride when her darling walks up to the rostrum and gets an award. Love which turns into aggression so she can fight for his son’s survival, fetching for him his well-deserved recognition. Love becomes support and guidance, ever ready to be given whether he wants it or not J. Her love can be illustrated as a hug, as a pat on her back, or may it be a compliment or simply, magical and soothing “Love”.

My mom – a part of me, she is part of my life – most appropriately – she is my life. She is so very important I live through her breaths. I am her reflection, ambition, hope and faith and she is my mirror. Her love is unconditional, priceless and precious. Thank you my dear God for giving me my own self, my valentine: My Dearest Darling Mommy.

Listening: Bulla ki jana mein kon by RABBI SHERGILL, its betta than junoon.. this track sometimes makes me happy, sometimes sad, it has a punch that i can neva forget.

Reading: Man are from Mars and Women are from Venus by JOHN GRAY, late but an excellent start for valentine’s day.


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