running away from my planning syndrome

Why the hell m I so choosy? I always find decision-making so damn difficult whether its about choosing a small card, a bouquet, a gift or my formal but cool shirts. It goes like this: First I select some good pieces then I make little eliminations then with the rest, I just keep on deciding – should I take this one or that one? And after (sometimes during) this absurd elimination and selection process, the shopkeepers become so very angry and irritated. Obviously about then I m completely embarrassed and more confused.

And when its about crucial things then it becomes extremely tough for me. Just tell me, how a person like me can judge what will happen in those 5 – 10 yrs? How can any person plan his life n woh bhi effectively? Sometimes there are only two ways where u can head, otherwise there exist many multiple options and you can take only one freaking decision, which has to be right inspite of being influenced by alot of other pressures. Like I always say, life is such a rich cruel thing. Now the ultimate question is why can’t we use part of our mind and most of our wisdom in other productive things excluding this planning syndrome?

Feeling like: Do I exist?


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