hidden truth is always untold

We Pakistanis are very much confused as a nation. Enriched with a mesmerizing culture and glorious values but still very confused. We don’t respect rules, half of the time we are faking it out, trying to be western but in every negative way by comprising on our values and culture, no sense of direction, united but in groups with trivial difference which are yet to be resolved, we termed ourselves to be free but still are our own slaves – it was a long sentence indeed eeeww! The problem is that we think less, talk and feel a lot. Every opportunity to develop is followed by religious dilemmas. We don’t think about religion and religious issues in a liberal sense, we consider it to be rigid for unnecessary stability of power and cruelty inforced by some special people. Unfortunately we have such freedom that I can’t even explain what those SPECIAL PEOPLE are, because I am afraid of being God forbid kidnapped or else slaughtered. Religion becomes a hindrance for us in our every step. On the contrary, most of us behave like Muslims for an hour(after the iftar) and maybe ONLY in some important days. Is religion only bounded to some days? Is religion is so rigid that it can’t be interpreted according to time? Is freedom is only limited to our breaths? Is freedom is more important than survival of other’s breaths?… there are many such questions but their answers are still untold. May be because we don’t have enough guts, enough sense and enough liberty to talk or even to think about them.

sorry, if i have hurted somebody but do not forget many of us are still in the state of oblivion.


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