silence says/means many things but still makes no sense

silence can be heard in two ways, either you have hearing disability or at any specified moment, nothing exists that can be heard by your ears. silence is a phenomena which appears when everything seems to cease its motion briefly everything stops. it creates such a vacuum that many weird ideas rush into your mind to fill this emptiness. in this wacky doo state, you feel more than required, you see all that is not present. hence, this silence stops your mind to work or if said more appropriately your mind starts working in some wicked way. your imagination and insecurities take charge of the stage and believe me you can have the creepiest experience which can be a pot pourri of fears originating from different insignificant sounds and sights whose existence is always questionable. there were plenty of such experiences in my kitty the previous night.

PS: oscar won by Jamie Fox was well-deserved.


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