i m so high!

yet another day at teacher’s training with same lecturer and i was safe today 🙂

This whole thingy looks like a stupid play having distinct characters. Characters having predictable behaviors, yet acted in an unpredictable manner. I had a good moderate share of fun while watching those characters and then laughing on them behind their backs. I am such a !@$#&^* =p. Characters include our nice van driver who has an interesting habit of commenting on every significant or trivial thing happening on the roads of karachi. An uncle with an ajeeb si uninviting smile. One more uncle in the cue who when says something in excitement, it looks like he is dancing or doing a conventional punjabi sick bhangra or may be pacheri(gujrati word for dupatta/scraf used for covering head) dance. There was also a boy to whom our lecturer asked for a glass of water and what he brought was a big one n half liter bottle of water . In all those uncles, there is an aunty too. Aunty is a great shosha. Being an M.A. in Islamic History, she has a great knowledge and quite okay critical thinking abilities so she never wasted any chance to contradict others, she doesn’t even spare our lecturers. The best part is it is very difficult to make her understand anything. As for today, we got maximum utility of fun from that aunty because she came with us in our van and continued her chik-chik, we innocent people backbited and also teased her. The most hilarious moment was when i told my friend Faizan that this pakao aunty is scolding us and he shouted,”Taiko sharam nahi aati tu aunty ko pakao kehta hai” and he also repeated in about 2 -3 times more. After that incident we laughed, laughed and laughed even more as if there will be no tomorrow. Quite an absurb but attractive characters. I know you will agree with my statement. I know backbiting is not a good thing, but this time i can’t help it, it was unavoidable.

Listening sacredly to CHANNA VE – an excellent punjabi pop song
Reading: Taboo! by Fouzia Saeed


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