a cracked glass filled with blood and a black shameful face

I heard about an incident covered by aryone-world in their news that made me damn angry. The news stated: school principal beaten a child (aged 6-7) so brutally that he lost his conscious. He was sent to his friend’s home (not to his own) and then they headed to hospital when the child was in a very serious condition. His father gave this interview and had whole right to charge him against this cruel act.

Its globally accepted that physical violence to anybody is never justified. That bloody principal didn’t have any brains to realize the maturity level differences in him and that innocent child. I am suprised that how come there came no thought in his mind about the physical, mental and emotional ordeal that this small child will have to face through out his life because of this sick mistake. I am damn sure that by now the child’s fragile self-confidence would have shattered into pieces. He is a bloody criminal and should be sentenced to a tough punishment. This is the high time for us to protect our and others rights. I believe a person who can’t respect others has no self-respect and should also not hope to get any respect from others. This is the way it works.


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