100 things ’bout me.

Oh heck, here it goes.

1. I hate it when people tell me what to do.
2. I eat, drink and sleep movies: especially romantic comedy and parallel cinema. Black and Kal Ho Na Ho are the best among the best.
3. I love Indian Idol and Kumars at No. 42.
4. I love pampering and getting pampered. I like appreciation
5. You can easily hurt me. I am very fragile to the comments.
6. I am fascinated by beaches and love fresh chilling winds.
7. I worry about insignificant things. This is making me insane.
8. I am not a risk taker.
9. I sometimes cross that fine line between assertive and aggressive. I can be very stubborn.
10. I prefer sms to the telephone. But it is the other way round for Umer. I love my cell too, you can have the bestest mobile pics in Samsung X-600.
11. I am friendly. I like to help others that’s why sometimes its hard to say no.
12. I wish I was more fluent in English and Urdu both. There is always some room for improvement.
13. I am a good speaker and a better presenter.
14. I hold grudges. I try really hard not to, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.
15. I am a take charge person and can’t stand it if someone else is in charge and not “doing it my way”. That’s a quality of leader. I can tolerate some effective sensible opinions.
16. I love hanging out with friends and having some good dinner with ambience.
17. I am very artistic. I like to be creative and abstract ideas are the best things to think. I wanted to study Communication Design. Sigh! some things don’t allow me to do that.
18. I love music. Every kind. Except those weird Paki filmi tunes.
19. My ideal wife should be loving, caring, intelligent, co-operative, artistic etc Good sense of humor and insanity is a must =P Conservative No-No.
20. I like Mehreen Jabbar’s Plays, Dino’s Radio Show and Sara Memon’s voice.
21. I know a little bit about a lot of things.
22. I am not afraid to tell people that I like them.
23. I love dancing like no one’s watching. Btw I don’t have 2 left feets. I do pretty good.
24. I’m fond of rain but hate thunders
25. I really like ice-creams and chocolates.
26. When I get angry, I don’t care for anybody. Not even barey budhey(in one word elders) and I get loud like hell.
27. I love to take rides in Sindbad.
28. I am spontaneous person. I am programmed to do blunders
29. I’m a typical Leo. =P and I am happy to be like this.
30. I like Atif Aslam. I like Entity Paradigm.
31. I love pizzas and donuts + biryanis and niharis + all those chocolate desserts
32. I’m really forgiving and generous but I can’t forget anything.
33. I m a computer freak. People call me “raheel dot com”
34. Umer is my best friend.
35. I loved Truth or Dare during last days at AKHSS. I was a kick-ass hit.
37. I didn’t had a normal childhood in a way but had tried a lot of fun things.
38. I have never smoked a cigarette in my entire life. Neither do I plan to.
39. I love to own unlimited nice clothes
40. I’m pretty good at dissing people.=P
41. I am capable of being really mean.
42. I love blogging. Hatz off to Hira.
43. I hate giving urdu ka paper.
44. I dont use medicines when I’m sick but I dont mind using em. I can’t swallow pills.
45 .I’ve discovered that I am not a pet person. Animals are better off in zoo
46. I am a loser when it comes to ratifying things.
47. I hate to cut my nails but yaar I also hate dirty nails. I love nail piercing. I am naily kinda person.
48. I like to irritate people.
49. I don’t like being fat but I pretend to do so.
50. I have my own sense of humor
51. I hate sports. I hate CS too =S
52. I don’t like mess in my room but i also dont like cleaning it because there is a big chance of losing my aiweeen hazaron papers.
53. I’m very dramatic. I still think I’ll be a kick-ass actor someday. =P or maybe director
54. Ms. Ruqaiya, Ms. Saulat and Ms. Shahana are the best teachers I have ever got. Sana Ashrafi Aata(flour) was the funniest. I love teaching too.
55. I don’t like most of male teachers because most of them are not so competent.
56. I am terrified of heights, dark, dogs.
57. Simpsons is the best-est cartoon ever produced and I like Adam’s family, Pink Panther and Captain Planets too
58. Seeing someone fall down is the funniest thing on earth to me. I love laughing, I can barely control myself. one of my friends calls me PING PONG and many know why.
59. I dont like hospitals. They give me irresistible fears.
60. I scared of changes. Like haircuts, residence, schools, friends etc
61. I watch/like reality TV. it’s stupid and fun. Full of suspenses and suprises[Indian Idol for example =P]
62. I love blue, orange, move and earthy colors.
63. I hate simple shalwar kurtas
64. I am an open book when it comes to me, but i can keep a secret if asked.
65. I love chilli sauce and spicy food.
66. Bounty and Dairy Milk are the best chocolates.
67. I’m afraid of death.
68. I love writing and reading.
69. If I’m good I’m very good, If I’m bad, I’m horrible.
70. I don’t like destructive criticism.
71. I can’t stand paindoos.
72. I love saying these three words: damn, lame and lurrrveeely
73. I’m very emotional and sentimental, specially when sometimes says something hurtful or I am watching a movie.uwwwwaaaaaaiin uwaaaaaa
74. I want to see a bollywood movie in a multiplex. Shahrukh Khan and Kajol pair preferred.
75. Orkut’s no donut msg pisses me off.
76. I would love to go on a cruise trip with my friends and stay on a beautiful island.
77. I have been the cheater, the cheatee, and the cheated on.
78. I love my AKHSS and my friends. I still miss it.
79. I want swim In money. I want to be a billionare.
80. I believe in equality when genders are concern.
81. I believe in horoscopes and zodiac signs’ characterstics.
82. I wish I was a bit tall and a lot thinner.
83. I love my parents but its kinda hard to express it.
84. It’s a secret but for a hint its something personal and religious.
85. I am happy to be one and only child of my parents. I never regret it. God is kind.
86. I am young at heart kinda person.
87. I love taking pictures of friends together having a ball.
88. I hated my school. Only Rabia, my sweet sis helped me survive.
89. Abhijeet and Aditi Paul are great. I would like to listen a duet from them
90. Winter is my favourite season.
91. I want to visit Disney Land and Madame Taussads Museum
92. I would love to go Paris and Amedica someday.
93. I like snow.
94. I lurrrrvvve coffeee. I’m not at all a tea person, it tastes bad.
95. I appreciate diversity. I’m comfortable with people of every races.
96. Aged people can’t understand my name and it annoys me much. Maybe b’coz of my cut accent.
97. I love fantasies but I am kinda realistic person. I am not superstitious.
98. I love KFC’S zinger burger, it is the best burger in town, then comes Khan Broast.
99. I’m not interested in politics at all.
100. I hate my nickname Raja Raju so freaking cheap and people I am not Rahul, its RAHEEL here.
-finito, quite an achievement

inspired from hira’s and sarah’s posts.


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