the man with an insane touch says "Laugh like there is no 2morrow"

Absurd…. yesh! i laughed, more laughed and continued this mad laughing thingy till i got my senses back after some long evening nap/sleep(nowadays i am a raat jaaga kinda person) or maybe i fell down after laughing hard. The ironic part this thing continued for approx half day without any reason, yea you don’t have any eye-sight problem; the thing you read few seconds ealier was a complete truth.

If you have watched Dr. Asthana(played by Boman Irani, wat a wonderful actor he is!) in Munna Bhai MBBS, Mr. Raheel is quite similar to him, Laughing Theraphy works best for Mr. Raheel and he thinks that ‘Laughing Gas’ is the best invention ever made after computer and recipes of coffee, pizza and boston creme donuts(of dunkin donuts, incase you don’t know)

People who know me in real life has experienced it many times that when i start laughing; there are no stops, no speed-breakers, nothing at all – all you can see is Me, Myself and My CONTAGIOUS Laugh. Its really tough to unplug me from my whole-body-shaker-type laugh, it starts with some reason and the whole laugh time doesn’t prolong more than 10 mins. But today was a unique day, i was laughing but i didn’t know why am i doing that. isn’t it strange? and 5-10-15 mins are understandable but for the whole day duh!! while drinking that sugar-cane juice at around 12:30 pm which tasted more like lemonade than the original, i got my worst laugh attack and my mom commented “aama(n) haswa ni su vaat che?(why are u laughing when nothing is there to laugh about), raheel tu kia pagal hogaya hai?(raheel have u gone mad?) isko pina hai toh drink it warna chor de?(drink this or else leave it)” and the next thing – i can’t help it and bursted into more laughs. Just visit our home and the experience you will get is a multi-lingual shock of hilarious gujrati, horrible urdu and few-known-words-wali english – we are indeed jack of all, master of none =P

was I turning into a mad cow? or was I drunk after drinking a lot of coffee or just water? or was I getting insane? or did I wanted a bloody brain surgery? or was I reading Ghalib’s poetry? had I eaten more food than required? or was I tensed/stressed/depressed like anything? or had I seen Ms. Ashrafi Aata in my dream saying the word ‘your class is so Pa-ttttthhhhhe-tic(an exaggerated version of the word pathetic)? or had I walked into a titar-beetar-papers-with-yells-n’screams-type class of that Ms. Naseem who can’t help playing with her teacher’s gown(obviously again my dreams, something like aap logon ko sharam nahi aati, hamari sws society ne itne paise jamah karliye hain or hmm.., aap kiska intezaar kar rahe hain followed by jaldi karein jaldi karein – all delivered in a particular accent)? or had I seen some Pakistani or Punjabi movie(btw both are same)? had I seen my bald ex-professor before chandraat? or had i lend my ears to a goofy/slapstick piece of humor? or maybe i had listened to some Ali Zafar’s not-worth-listening songs or was I suffering from a mood-swing? or simply because i didn’t had anything else to do. (sometimes all verb-tense mistakes are pardonable) OMG so many questions!!!

these questions are yet to be answered… most of them are unanswerable ones and some are not even worth answering. today’s mantra: laughter is the best medicine and the best job to have in your FARIG times.

PS: Dacca Sweets can do wonders with their sandwiches.. love ’em. I hate my cable wala bcoz most of the times my net is dead; ajeeb se expressions ke saath me saying: “late posts”


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