slept on bed of red hot coals

When your mom says big YES to your not biological but yet socially so-called aunt then you are in big trouble and more gigantic head-aches(it feels something like tall heavy building on your head which are being dismantled by hard hits of hammer) isn’t it sound painful? it is something more gruelling than that. I dont want to write anything that was my answer to my mom but she said”Raheel likh do, tumko pata hai woh muje khaa jayegi”… hahha evil(subscript:female) human eater. The thing is not about writing a piece of speech for THE woman for her participation in somekindof all budhi women conference but the agony starts with your emotions related to her settled somewhere in your subconcious as she has given me immense torture, misery, suffering and deprivation(shaya zayada hogaya!). People go and wash your face, there is no hanky-panky, no jerry springer show, no rickey episode, no james(am I saying it rite?) kennedy experiment thingy. I hope now you are back on your seats. Yes, so what was I saying?. Everytime I think about her the angry side of me takes of my neurons and then burst of stupid senseless emotions evoke just like hell from no-where. First of all, she is better than all those cheap glue brands like UHU, Fevikol, Elfi etc … and she is really Pakao, like any other aged woman in town she is very muchos interfering, she is pain in whole body – can be a good jailer, she is very cunning and she knows how to be real real real cruel. But with those attritubes, i was ready to help her… I am surely very KIND. She thanked me and kept saying “Bichara yeh soya tha, maine khaas usko uthwaya”(… uthwaya reminds me of all those suparis which are taken for kidnapping and none can eat ’em) but after all i accept her thanks but all those people who are infectious to my health like her, there is a pledge “stay miles and miles away from me”

BTW people I am not that kind, I did this for my mother because I love her very much and I can do anything to make her happy. Love ya Mom! you mean world to me and I know that I am the greatest thing that have ever happened to you.


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