Stupid Questionnaire

Ripped from Saphiya’s Blog

1. If your hot favorite Hollywood celebrity threw up on you, how would you react?
i will throw two glasses of strawberry milkshake on him then topped it with some more strawberries. i will make a new fashion trend… ahaan!!! thank you thank you, no more claps please! is there any mud available??

2. What is the color of the clock (not watch) that is nearest to you?
white .. what more can you expect?

3. Who is your action comic hero?

spiderman or hulk.. waise the most fav is ‘Chaddi Man’.

4. Do you have any weird unconscious habits?

kicking while sleeping.. its alot of fun LOL.

5. Would you let your partner watch his/her favorite TV show if yours is also on on a different channel?
Erm, yeah if he really weally wants me too. i can be generous sometimes for not a change

6. Two opposite words which describe you are:
helpful and mean (not sure!)

7. “I have been misunderestimated.” George W. Bush’s claim in one of his speeches. What do you think?
i wanna slap him hard.. maybe it can buy some akal for his peasize mind. i want to todo-fy his artificial teeth.

8. You wake up one morning and find a million dollars under your bed. What would you do with the money?
buy a nice car, a nice house, some new clothes, some charity and rest of it goes into bank. interest pays good.

9. What is the scariest headline in today’s newspaper?
I dont read newspapers. Btw there is one, I ripped it from a blog, was featured here somedays back – something like ’11 year old kid bites a dog’ and dog is bloody dead. kheeehheeee funny naa

10. If you could design a flag for a country, what would it look like?
Black background with a donut in centre with a cup of coffee to accompany it with some chocolate flakes.

11. You cried while watching this movie:-

Kal ho naa ho! seeing SRK die. uff kia moment tha. Black was fantastic, so emotional rulane wale scene. Do I look like a cry baby?

12. You cried while reading this book:-

yeh some of the stories of ‘Chicken soup for the soul’ happens to be very touching,

13. What’s on T.V?
Kyunke saas bhi kabhi bahu thi… i hate this serial.. its more like a serial killer. ufff mom get a life!

14. Life is …

a mere dream where you have to prove yourself and self-submission is the first step towards the climbing ladder.

15. Did you enjoy filling this questionnaire.
betta than watching kyunki but was time consuming.


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