melodrama becomes PakaoDrama

The previous night, i was your own Pakistani Idle as i had nothing to do, no sleep wanted, no book available, no music wala mood, not working net so I watched Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi for a change because my parents were watching it too. Now the ironic part is that this ghatiya sick show has completed 1000 episodes. Wooooo i felt like crying/yelling/shouting out loud “Please spare us, do some mercy so just leave us”. The damn Pakao-est show on the tv channels of the earth which makes you cry all the time, not because of the story but instead for mercy because it has turned so old that now it just smells like rotten egg yuck! they were recording the ideas of the viewers and one person said “Because of your serial, we had uncountable fights in our home” I doubt about the 1000 so-called successful shows but i am damn sure that they have made infinite records of turning nice healthy loving people into insane monkeys, some of them must be resting in mental asylum. They ended their special episode on the exact note: “From now on every episode makes a record”.. Mark my words dear, “AB TOH TUMHARA RECORD LAGE GA, tum log kia record banao ge.”

PS: The special show looked as if everything was fabricated and no reality existed. They are planning to go for 1000 more… hey k-team you people have gone nuts.


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