I hate those restaurants where the concerned people don’t know what service means and what takes to be good at it. In this menace, some people just don’t know how to behave when a family is eating a dinner and want to have a shaant(peaceful) tyme.. those cheap eaters rather spectators can’t help watching what they are eating? how they are eating? and what are they wearing? or why is he so damn fat? They don’t have interest in eating but more in watching others. Karachites, just chill! and mind ur own bloody business or you will be in a great big loss.

I went there to have a nice time, a delicious dinner and some peaceful environment but those insane waiters, chefs(i hated the food) and a durbini(kahin per nigahein kahin per nishana type) lady has ruined my damn good mood, didn’t spare a second so i can enjoy the ambience. I am tired like hell so good night!


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