the divine help

The earth(world) has to move, it has to complete its circle and is bound to visit all the points of its orbit which is the skeleton for its existence. Journey is its endeavour and the irony is this journey is full of diplomatic experiences as the earth has no heart to feel ’em, it only has only mood at all the points but alas all the points are not at one place. Sometimes it is at -or nearby- our point showing its act of kindness(only diplomatic mood) but when it is away from us and we feel betrayed by its prejudicism then comes Mars or Venus to hold our hands, to reinstate us in our comfort zone. They are those precious true friends who are always ready to soothe your emotional wounds and they make you realize that if one door is closed, there are thousands of them which are anxiously waiting for your arrival and opportunities have already broaden their horizons for ‘you’ the emotional being. And if all the planets in your own small ‘Moi/ME-n-I’ system are hostile at the offensive moment then Dont ever forget that your-n-mine-n-every1s God is always there with you, the only thing you have to do is to wisper and HE will come to bring some sunshine in your life, because HE is always there to help you.


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