The first poem that I ever wrote

While making my way through thousands of book in my old closet, i found a brown leather diary which has my first-ever collection of amateur immature poems. I have never found myself as a good poet so I always try to incorporate my poetic expressions in my prose. While flipping through its pages, memories started to crowd my mind and when I read my first-ever poem, I couldn’t believe how pathetic I once wrote but Thanks Ms. Shaheen who always encouraged her students. Till date I remember, we were having class on the 1st floor of school building, it was Class 6 which was situated in centre of the web of other classes(i wanted to impress you with my excellent long-term memory), I told her that Ma’m I have written this poem and She told the class(in her unique indian accent) about how nice my poem is. She asked me to read it loud in front of whole class, I was so muchos wala happy and thrilled, in addition to all the excitement the sound of claps made my day. It was surely not a well-deserved recognition but it was the modesty of teacher’s character that motivated me to write more stuff and climb the ladder of improvement.

This is the piece which i wrote,


Without Parents our life is idle and lazy,
Without Parents our life is in sorrows,
Without Parents our life is unhappy,
Parents are our care-takers.

When we are in sorrows,
They make us happy.
When we are sad,
They make us blossom.
Whenb we cry,
They make us laugh.

When we are happy,
They are happy,
When we are sad,
They are sad.
When we laugh,
They laugh,
When we cry,
They cry.

They are Gift of God,
They care us when we are sick,
They care us when we are well,
They care us through all our life,
So we should care them,
I love my parents very much.
-Raheel Lakhani
Grade 6

lol… everytime I read this sweet memories pat my back and I ask to laugh on this not-so-nicely written poem.


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