Nadia Jameel roxzzz..

Mere Paas Paas, a drama serial which airs on hum tv every friday from 8:30 to 9:30. I watched a paki drama rather say any drama after a long time and I am addicted to it like hell. Nowadays we don’t see much good detailed work on TV but this show really rocks. Nadia Jameel’s performance is a treat to watch. She is the best female actor in Pakistan after Sania Saeed. Her acting is so real, she is also trained and the best thing is she only works in no nonsense projects, concept and creative urge is what i like about her persona. Can you believe that a lollywood cheap actor can actually act? Yes, one can.. his name in Mommy Rana. Dress Designer who is famous like anything, who restores magic in his clothes.. I am talking about Deepak Parwani has yet again restored the magic but the medium is different, man he is acting the *IT* character. Supporting cast is also very nice. Director Misbah Khalid has yet again proved herself after successful heart-throbing serial ‘Laila Majnu’. Excellent screenplay, dialouges, plot and production. Title song is a sweetheart, Atif rulez!! Although the work is not like those of Mehreen Jabbar but again this style of story-telling is upto the mark of what I say *Creativity*.

Btw only 3 people online at MSN… hmm, something really unusual.

One day, inshallah i will also direct something… maybe a short film. Inshallah.


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