Mummys Ka Aalmi Din

8th May 2005, Happy Mother’s Day. Many people oppose the idea of celebrating this day only once in a year because every day should be Mother’s Day, you should have love in your hearts for your mother 24/7/365 who has given you birth, who has nurtured you, who has brought you up, who has given you her unconditional love all the time irrespective of the circumstances, who has always sacrificied for you – in her big and small ways, who has protected you and your self-esteem in the moments of difficulties, who has always considered you special and the best child(if not a good human) ignoring the fact what world thinks, who always motivates you and encourages you even at your worst attempts, who guides you throughout your life.. She is not only the symbol of love but she is ‘the love’ herself. But kya karein… some people like me always has that invisible love hidden somwhere in their hearts but are unable to show it, so it is the day to fullfil your hidden desire of other 364 days so here is my personal message:

“Dearest Mom, Thank you so much for everything you did for me and thanks in advance for everything you will be doing ahead for me. I know I can’t repay your kindness but my love is always for you. You have been the most important part of my life, you are my life, you are my best friend(umer must be feeling jealous). Mamma, you mean world to me. Mashallah se you have been the best-est of the best moms. Thank you again for always being there for me in times of my happiness, sorrows, success and failures. Thank you for motivating me to do all the outstanding things that I have done so far and encouraging me through thick and thin. Thank you for fighting for me, struggling for me, sacrificing for me but more than just for being there for me. Thanks for the trust and.. sorry for all that mistakes of giving some major heartbreaks to you, for yelling on you(only sometimes.. i always say sorry afterwards) and for tearing those 2 or maybe 3 cards – in anger – which you gave me on my birthdays and success moments(i have never dared to tear those ones that were extra special) Love ya Mom, Love ya more than anything else!”

What I hate about Mother’s Day is the commercialism attached to it… chocolates, gifts and cards are perfectly alright… perhaps they are more like a need for the day but the promotions done by companies like Shield use this day as a cheap strategy. You don’t have to tell mothers what to do because MOTHER ALWAYS KNOW!!

I have seen my dad crying and praising her mother and my late grandmother all the mother. My mom always greets my maternal grandmother and wishes her mother’s day, even to my kindergarten school principal’s mom(who has made my mom her daughter). I hope I can do much more for them when my parents need me. I know I can’t repay their kindness but my love is always there.

I have seen old parents crying in old age homes when there is no one to share moments of love with them. I have seen their misery in front of my sinful eyes. How can a child to this to their most beloved relation? A lot have been said about parents and how should you behave/take care of them in their old age but now it is high time to think about this social/moral stigma of ours.

The following is the piece that I wrote on Valentine’s Day:

Mother – a feminine manifestation of love. Love that is name of sacrifice for her when she doesn’t eat something so her child (18 yr. old grown-up) can enjoy eating it. Love, which shapes up as hope when she wants her son to be best and succeed. Love moulds into her pride when her darling walks up to the rostrum and gets an award. Love which turns into aggression so she can fight for his son’s survival, fetching for him his well-deserved recognition. Love becomes support and guidance, ever ready to be given whether he wants it or not J. Her love can be illustrated as a hug, as a pat on her back, or may it be a compliment or simply, magical and soothing “Love”.
My mom – a part of me, she is part of my life – most appropriately – she is my life. She is so very important I live through her breaths. I am her reflection, ambition, hope and faith and she is my mirror. Her love is unconditional, priceless and precious. Thank you my dear God for giving her to me.

PS: not a coherent piece of writing but still the best because it is straight from the part which is much deeper than the bottom of my heart. Thank you to all mammas(taais/aunts) because they are like mom to me. sorrie for grammatical mistakes as I didn’t have time to recheck.


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  1. Pranav
    Nov 10, 2007 @ 15:10:00

    Ur blog on “Mother” is simply awesome dude….your thoughts are so pure…i pray to god, to bestow success and happiness on you….

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