now moving on….

“Primary hours of sanity”

sitting alone beside the beach
the sea was crying with me
touching my toes to soothe
the void that he can’t even see

fingertips drew my name on sand
waves erased every letter once again
raising questions upon my existence
at the edge of two worlds, water and man

climbed the rock and soul was feeling high
while the night’s darkness conquered the sky
waved a blank goodbye when the sun dies
anticipation cried for a new day with deep sighs

stars stole the word ‘beauty’
guiding strangers was their duty
I continued walking by the shore
left my footprints for her to follow

and that was the end of the day
unforgettable as it showed me a way
feeling the combination of grief and gay
now moving on with a divine pray

-Raheel Lakhani


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