AlHamd Agony Review

The day started as an hectic one! I was late for the school and because of my nonsense i had to walk an extra mile(as I missed the stop) which made me tired and more late. Entered the institute, damn.. bookshop is on the top floor, i have a phobia of height but not like the institute wali height so its okay. I take my words back, it is NOT okay. But Raheel, height ain’t a problem, you have never had problems with such heights.. yesh! however the problem still exists, not height but still staircase is the issue. In reality, it doesn’t even deserve to be called ‘Mr. STAIRCASE’(or may Ms.). It is so unsafe, small, light, heelo-joolo-type, and simply it is badly constructed. If God forbid, it collapsed.. all the ones on it, will be off it by sliding as if they are on a kid’s slide in a park, hitting the ground and flying high… flying high to the heaven.

But what the hell this small person in the whole-wide-world named as Raheel can do?(yo! what a big silly question) so he climbed upstairs and checked his name in the list of students of section D.. and he was NOT on the list.. what the hell yaar!! In agony and anger, he came down(not sliding yet) and contacted admin. The not-so-good-natured receptionist said: “Koi baat nahi, aap books le lein naa. Unse kahein mujh se baat karle.(Not a big issue, take books from him. Tell him to contact me) Now it was getting more than enuff! Raheel went upstairs AGAIN and finally had his share of both books and relief. It took him whole 5 mins to find his classroom as there is a shortage of rooms so your required room and room# always keeps on changing(if you can’t get this point, just leave it).


.. i am back

and then I entered the classroom. Our Financial Accounting teacher really gives alot of attention to us, he also has good teaching skills but the problem is he is very rude, angry and kharoos. He wants us to do alot of practice so he forces us to solve same thing over and over again(ofcourse not the same exercise.. but the same topic) and his tata-bye-bye is incompleted without a home assignment. No problem sir, I am here to study. One more thing worth noticing is a girl.. yes you are reading right, a girl with shocking pink nails stared me for a long 3 hour class. For the first time in my life I was being stared by a gal(i ain’t like this.. atleast not by her)

Class is over and Mom, i am coming back home. The bus in which i was travelling today was driving really fast, yes real real real wala fast fast fast fast. And did I mention the accident? it was only a minor one, can’t even call it an accident in the first place as no one got hurt. It was those turning and hitting the side mirror type wala accident but it created a huge traffic jam because both the drivers were fighting on the issue(was it really a issue?). The one thing that disturbed me today was not one but two of the passengers were smoking. I just hate smokers, I have always participated in many of the prevention of drug abuse art competitions and everytime I have made my point in the most effective way, getting the winning positions but here I was feeling so helpless, I can’t even stop those two citizens of Pakistan who are harming the nation in their thought-to-be-small but BIG ways.

Got back home, ate chinese food(delicious… afterall mom cooked it) and got my pending hours of sleep. Life is not that bad. I guess I should give a second thought to what I just wrote.


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