title can’t do any justice

Why is it so hard to say goodbye? This is the question I usually ask to myself and sadly never get to conclusions. Maybe because of the fear that we won’t be meeting those precious ones again or we just don’t want to end the flow of joyous air. Thats not a big issue for me waving tatas to someone at airport and I don’t feel like expressing anything because mostly at that time I am just BLANK. However saying goodbye to any loved one who is no more with me(physically or emotionally) is like burning my soul under the flame of mournful candle. I have experienced this before and till date I am under the prey of this emotion. Fears have taken charge of my mind and body. Now some of my neurons have stopped working, my body have felt shivers since that day. I have lost many people in my life, one by one they have walken away to far countries, some from my life and few even from the surface of the earth. But when you realise that someone above you is still there to soothe those hurting wounds, the intensity starts to decrease. You also start realizing that your relation with HIM is above all. God knows what I am asking from HIM and HE surely knows that I will pray him about this every single day. I know HE is listening and HE will answer my prayers in the most positive way.

Dear God,
Thank you for everything, every opportunity, every problem – thankyou for every lesson. I know every person has to go through his share of happiness and sorrows but if you are there with me.. and I know you certainly are, sunshine is still there; in nights too.. maybe in opposite direction which can create an illusion for my naked eyes, making it difficult to sense for some time but I know sunshine is always there.. afterall it is always there and God, I also know one of your secrets.. you can’t see your creature in misery naa. Your love for me and my love for you is above all.

With gratitude and submission,
Raheel Lakhani


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