Blindfolds removed

At this time, I was supposed to be in school, studying accounting. Instead I am writing a post at home-pc because of unstable/unpredictable law and order conditions of Karachi, the post about an issue which has erupted lava in me of both sadness and anger; a powerful combination. A bomb blasted at Imam Bari’s shrine in Islamabad on Friday, 27th May 2005 – mass loss as festival was going on, what followed next was a suicidal bomb blast in a mosque in Karachi yesterday – around 40 people -and their family- got effected or maybe more than that(either passed away or injured).

Do humans still exist? Is it sane to kill hundreds of innocent people on the fabricated name of religion? Is extremism required to fulfill selfish desires? We call ourselves Pakistanis, We call ourselves Muslims; what a pity! Above all the nationalities is the crown of Humanity. It is not an issue that a person comes in a mosque or say any religious place to do such felonious evil act. The issue is the motive behind it, insensitive measure of selfishness, hatred or whateva you name it, can never be tolerated irregardless of the place chosen. Muslim(fake) killing anohter muslim and without any reason, What a shame! And if they count it as a reason, it can’t be justified. Some call it Jihad and link it with Shahadat. Even when somebody gets killed, he is shaheed. Who the hell are we to decide anything on this topic? God will decide this himself. It’s beyond my understanding that how can a person kill himself in the first place to destroy others. Didn’t he get any shivers while thinking about his after-life, his family, after-effects on families of the effected?

I say it openly without any hesitation that it is a result of our thick skinned so-called religious leaders who have never used their minds to interpret Islam in the way it should have been illuminated; all we have learned is blindness and division. And we the emotional fools who have always ignored Allah’s precious gift Intellect. When such tragedies happen, we come out and protest. Protesting is your right but it’s not your property. You can’t go on destroying public and private assets such as banks, hospitals, restaurants, buses, cars and what not and primarily lives of more innocent people. It is not a correct way of showing your anger and also of playing political warfare. Have we ever thought why it is only KFC or Aga Khan Laboratory was fired in such brutal way? We ourselves are big racists. What follows after such attacks increases the unnecessary terror among the citizens of the state. Believe me terror of protests is much bigger than the bombs itself. If you have guts than don’t just yell and protest, kill those who have planned it, kill those who have corrupted this society. I don’t want to draw any conclusions because this post itself is a conclusion. All this reminds me of IRTIQA:

yeh zameen meri maa thi woh,
khuda ka wajood mabood thi woh,
saaya thi roshini bhi thi woh,
kadam taley jannat meri agosh thi woh.
-Agosh, Ep

Remember the emphasis is in on THI. Being patriotic doesn’t mean that you have to praise your country time and again. Our country is a reflection of what we are. Blindfolds removed and Heewa God has already answered your questions but we(individually and collectively) haven’t pondered over them.

Dedicated to all those who suffered and all those who helped.

-Raheel, proud to be human or maybe its just opposite. Does this make any sense? It surely does.


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