Bloggy Phenomenon

Recently, I have seen many people closing their blogs and opening new ones or simply de-pulicising it. They find blogging a personal thing or it is their gradual transformation to this school of thought. When you get published online, you are exposed to the whole www-community. Everyone and anyone can excess your blog and its not an easy task to hide your identity. If you think its a personal thing for you than I think you are at a wrong place. Go grab your notebook or diary and write as much as you like. Don’t mistakenly take me as rude but its a fact. I am criticizing anyone, I am telling a plain truth. First and foremost, you have to wise to conceal your blog. I suppose there should be something like password protection for viewing the stuff and should be shared with your selected readers.

Blogging can be an interactive platform, fun discussion or maybe a personal thing but you can not igonre this fact that in any possible way, it is a search of your own inner self. Again a matter of choice whether you would like to keep it to yourself or share it with othersm, get benefit from their insightful and interesting approaches – helping you in expanding your circle of influence.

TIP: for all those possessive owners; If you don’t want it to be public, you can simply write FIRST ASK PERMISSION and if he is honest(like me), he won’t read it again if you him them to go away.

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