For the first time in my life, I have enjoyed a ride in our not-so-nice public buses. The reason are listed below:

  • The bus was vacant and airy.
  • The weather was lurrvely back then, now it sucks bigtyme.
  • It wasn’t playing anything, not even irritating pushto songs.
  • I had Kahlil Gibran’s writings with me.
  • The breeze was so refreshing.
  • The beauty of Karachi was at peak today.
  • Luckily my class got over early.
  • Listening an english conversation of two pathans was highly entertaining.
  • The bus had so much space that I finished my whole assignment comprising of MCQ’s while travelling.
  • I thought we would finally get our share of rains today.
  • There were no paindoos(cheap public) in the bus – I am still shocked.
  • I wasn’t hungry.
  • And the bus was fast but was travelling very smoothly, the driver must have been in a good mood.

yaay!! it was a nice journey, a rare experience indeed.

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