double trouble

All of us in our lives at one moment or another, do have a split personality. When we are out of control, we don’t know how to react/what to do. Our inner self dwells in a particular way but we seek to be someone else for some trivial reasons rather desires . We act in a fake way with people around us, however we ignore the path that our inner voice guides us. Our principles contradict with our actions and the result is an illusion created by us for people around us and for our own inner self. We then carry a dual nature – a split personality. Just then we are confused, we are blind, we lose out identity. We are not in harmony with our inner self at that juncture. After that in every action, in every conservation, in every thought; real happiness fades away and all thats left is a shadow of falsehood and lust.

‘It is better to affront the world while serving your consciousness than to affront your consciousness trying to please the world.’


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