Success Part II

One person (lets name him XYZ) on The Oprah Show – not in exact words,

Mr. XYZ: “According to me success is being a billionaire, I look Jackson as my idol”
Oprah: “What?!”

Mr. XYZ: “Oprah, you are successful because you’re rich!”
Oprah stood from her couch with immense shock and aggression: “OMG!! This is success in your opinion. You see that person as a happy and successful person.”

Counselor: “Being rich and Being successful are two different things.”
Oprah: “You know this nation is so messed up. They are so much confused about the whole idea of success. And Mr., if you think being billionaire is what you call success then you desperately need a paradigm shift.”

And now it’s my turn to speak. My idea of success matches completely with Oprah’s statement. Success in my opinion is meritocracy. If I have performed the best to my abilities in Academics, Career, Family, Religion, Social dealings or elsewhere then you are allowed to call me a successful person. Money can be a part of your success but richness alone is nothing worth appreciating. Ultimate success is achieving your goals without harming your priorities. If you find that incomparable happiness/eternal peace in your soul, that’s success. If you have understood the real meaning of even a tiny portion of God’s universe, this is what I call some achievement. Success and wisdom has no boundaries of status, race, cast or creed. Money is not a criterion to judge success despite of the fact that it surely talks in today’s world. So no hails to Paris Hilton =P


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