noises from somewhere

*Translation of urdu sentences is in italics

  • Two ladies in our neighbourhood were talking while buying fruit from a fruit wala(fruit seller) and I heard this: “yaar sabse mushkil kaam hai yeh fruit aur sabzi lena, kitna time waste hota”(It is the toughest job to buy fruit and vegetables plus its so time consuming) ..and I was like OMG!! are these women have gone mad or what?! Can’t they see the load of studies on my weak shoulders.
  • “Tum es computer per kitna zulm karte ho, yeh dekh kar mera kitna dil jalta hai”(You are so cruel with your computer, and this gives me a heart ache) said dad, and this was my sarcastic reply: “yeh kia koi insaan hai jo aapka iske liye dil jata hai”(is this some human that your heart aches for it?!) Lmao

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