Freshly Baked Videos

Recently two new videos started airing on the local music channels which appealed to my eyes. The first one is of the song cursed by overload. Though I am not a big fan of this band as I don’t understand what pleasure do these dhol beats give to its listeners but the video is surely a visual treat and there are no concepts attached to it. All the bits and pieces from intro till the end are shot and conceived brilliantly combined with crisp editing. If you live in Pakistan, you gotta check this out.

The next one is a video rather a short film of song Irtiqa III by Entity Paradigm – my favorite band. The concept is very interesting and nicely gels up with the song but I guess the execution could’ve been betta, specially the climax which was acted in such an absurd manner. Another milestone achieved by Zulfi – the lead guitarist and the main creative genius behind eP. You can check this one on The Musik Channel.

Have a pleasurable viewing experience!!

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