I am ill again. Yes once again I am suffering from fever and the same old cough. According to my doctor, I am very sensitive to allergies. According to my mom, muje nazar lag gayi hai… huh? ab muje kis baat ki nazar lagni hai?! And according to my dear friend Heewa, mein kuch zayada hi beemar horaha hoon. Whateva the case maybe, I am literally fed up with this nonsense of low immunity. Doc has prescribed me to use anti-allergy syrup for one long month to beat this everlasting cough. Now only God can help me. By the way, Thanks Mom for taking care of me like a little baby.

Btw I am gradually dying by getting worried over these matters:

  1. My weight problem… People think I don’t care; neither I get upset when anybody labels me as ‘Fat’ but the bitter reality is that it hurts! plus I don’t feel healthy anymore.
  2. What people think about me? I am tired of being Mr. Perfect. I know people really bitch about me like hell. I think they either envy me or hate me because I don’t live by the rules – I am different in a special way. I guess, there exists a lot of hatred in this world. I think people can never accept you the way you are. And if you don’t give a damn about it.. like me, you tend to be alienated/separated from the society.
  3. My future. There is always some uncertainty attached it. I hope everything shapes up in the way I would like it to happen.

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