The Disposable Syndrome

I am the only one who exists!
Do I really exist in the first place?

In this era, we use a reasonable number of disposable things in the course of a day. We all use ball pens and after extracting the maximum utility from them, all we do is throw them in a dustbin. Similarly, we use tissues and we throw the wet ones in a dustbin too. And the list of disposables goes on. We are unconsciously so much involved in this kind of lifestyle that we ourselves have become something like ‘The Disposables’. We don’t regard our life anymore as we have completely overlooked its importance as if it also belongs to use-it-and-throw-away genre. We have thrown away our values because we consider them nothing but a hurdle in our route to success or so-called happiness. The things which were considered wrong in the past, have now become merely untraditional as the world is following it blindly.

We have now turned into such cold-hearted individuals who don’t have any feelings for those who aren’t equal to their status, standards or belief. We can’t give them even a smallest share of our affection because they didn’t qualify as *the profit generators of our desires*

Nowadays, we can see an increasing number of old age homes coming to existence where live those elderly helpless citizens whose mean children throw them in such places as if they were some empty useless ball pens. They are no longer respected because they aren’t beneficial anymore.

We, in general including me, have become narcissistic and self-centered to such a great extent that we tend to become biased in doing any good to ourselves too. We have lost our identity of a human and now we rest somewhere among the trash with a label “Throw me away, I am Mr. Disposable!”

PS: I hope this post makes some sense.


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