The power of forgiveness

Do you remember the last time when some-brutal-one did something extremely bad to you? If your answer is ‘yes’ and you remember it then you’re in a big trouble. Why in trouble?! You will get the answer pretty soon.

This happens with almost everybody that there come such people who create a lot of distress in your life. They just want to make things difficult for you. You can’t tolerate their presence for even a second because of all the hurt that is attached to you due to their wickedness. You would probably not even like them to be part of your illusions or imagination. Still you think about them but have you ever thought whether this much of concern filled with hatred and pain is worth enough? I guess, not even for a million bucks.

What will you get from wasting so much time and energy over the person who has already generated scores of frustration for you? Every person has to bear his/her reasonable share of happy and sad moments in his/her life so the best thing to do is to forgive others and move on. In fact by forgiving others, you are doing a big favor to your own self. You are saying adieuz to all those bad memories attached with you due to them. Do you know while you are in anger or depression, you breathe your own exhaled poison? Do you want to spare your beautiful life and harm yourself because of some lousy being? I bet! You won’t.

Just think for a moment, how beautiful life would be without all those rotten heartaches. There is no use in cursing them, instead pray for that my dear merciful God give them divine wisdom so they can understand the positives. Life is a precious gift from God so try to cherish it by appreciating small kind gestures. Sometimes all you have to do is let it go! So now go and forgive others and don’t forget to forget those grudges forever.

End Note: Forget or else don’t Regret!


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