Making it clear – reference to previous post

Most people think that these disabled children are blessed and more mentally fit, so I do. All I wanted to say was the problem lies with society. They treat them as if they are aliens and incapable to do anything. Now If we try to change the environment and people living in it, then we are making these physically challenged people dependent over factors which are uncontrollable at large. It is also important to change society’s outlook on it but it will take time. But then the crucial question is: what can we do for the victims in the mean time? Provide them a helping soul which can generate confidence in them so they can become indepedent. When minute problems and stress can make us go wild then you can easily imagine what can happen to an innocent immature child‘s self-esteem when s/he has to go through such brutal course every day. He can stand tall only if his family or someone else encourages and teaches them to think positive. I think both of the things have to change simultaneously. We can change society, it will help much but as it consist of individual mentalities then maybe one rigid out of them will come challenge and shatter all those capabilies of a person if that child was taught to remain dependant over what society thinks about him and should act in the same direction. The more important action is to create change within one’s self then society won’t matter much.


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