I will miss my Mona darling

Now this hurts. Mona, the best student of fame gurukul is voted out. I can’t understand why the hell they safed Shamit, only because he is their foolish friend. He has been in the danger zone in half of the episodes, he sings weird and on the top of it he is a foolish lama who just praises himself a.k.a. proud jerk.. duh!! I guess, you don’t have to be the best to win these reality tv singing competitions. The biggest lacking is the format of the show. A major part of voting power is itself among the contestants and then they either vote for their best friend which is a holy shit or vote out the better person from whom they have terror because s/he can give them very tough competition. First it was Anubhav and now her. Mona got 2nd highest votes from the public, this proves how well she deserved to remain in the competition. I thought she would be the one who will win the competition but tough luck, sigh! These programs are starting to be distasteful. I don’t know how would I enjoy the show without her stunning performances. She was the biggest reason for watching the show. Now I wouldn’t get a chance to be anxious and wait long for her performance to come and blow away my senses.
PS: Isn’t she cute?!

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