Graffiti culture

The most fascinating thing that people can probably notice about my dear Karachi is its Grafitti Culture. Every karachite at heart has this terrible habit of scribbling anywhere and everywhere. Whether its on the desks of classrooms, at the body of public buses or on the walls of the city, you will find these scribblings everywhere. I think, it gives a very interesting and lively look to the city but on the another hand, it also makes it look ugly. In most countries, Grafftis are considered as major art assets but here they are used for lousy political campaigning, scribbling love ciphers(A+S) – hell on trees too, expressing the power of a group and for all such creepy things but with a twist, that is it is presented in the most creative ways. After all, Karachi rocks in every hatke(unusual)activity yaar!

We don’t even spare a donkey.

A disgrace on the name of urdu poetry

Whatz mona doing here ?

Political and Religious Groups are also acting as leaders here

It says: “Littering is not allowed!”

Text and Captions: Raheel Lakhani.. yesh, its me!
Photography: Umar Siddiqi – thankoo hai jee =)
Mona Bhatt’s Pic: Fame Gurukul


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