you can skip it if you aren’t interested.. its a diary note.

Fame Gurukul voting out results are telecasted one week later in Pakistan. I knew this news but I thought It would be better if I blog about it after watching the whole episode. Yes Shamit is finally out! The guy about whom everybody in the Gurukul thinks that he is very nice singer and a good performer. They say that he sang ‘Woh Lamhe’ better than Atif.. complete digust. I haven’t agreed on anything, yes never since the first episode. On the top of it he used to talk so much and his lectures were something never-ending. I guess he was overhyped, a person who comes in Danger Zone every week, where his week count in danger zone equals to seven then he can’t be that talented. Everybody cried like hell and everybody had one same thing on their tongues: “We shared a special bond with him, I shared all my sorrows with him…” And the most ironic thing was his best mate Arijit voted him out Yaay!! Thank God, he was made the top student this time instead of Arpita. As there was tie for who should be voted out between Shamit and Monica, Arijit got a chance to give a final say.

Oh my God!! You are saving that guy for seven weeks just because he was very friendly and warm with you. Bullshit! He was the one because of whom deserving contestants like Mona and Anubhav got out of the contest. I never said that he is some kind of politician or something like that but man its a game show and not a sick shaadi online thingy, let the best man/woman win. Btw Mona and Anubhav were the best-est :(. I think most of the drama that they showed today was mere exaggeration. I know its not a moral to enjoy someone’s failure but man again its a Game Show and he was my least-est favorite out of the whole lot. So here goes my last message:

“Bye Bye Shamit Bhaiya!!”

enuff said.. bol toh aur bhi sakta tha =P


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