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This is a very crucial time for my country and people of Pakistan. We need help! This natural calamity has done massive damage and we need your help to cope up with it. Several people have gone homeless – living outside under the sky in rains, they are starving and need some shelter. Thousands are injured and need medicines. Every penny counts!! Act fast and please offer your assistance. It is a testing time for our nation so Pakistanis be united and lets pass this test with flying colors. Non-Pakistanis help these people for the sake of humanity, use your money for a good cause.

For Details of Donations, Visit: Metroblogging Karachi, Metroblogging Lahore

Donate Via SMS (For Pakistanis):
For Mobilink and Ufone customers – SMS the word DONATE to the number 436. Rs 3 will be deducted from your balance and given towards the earthquake relief fund.

Pass on the message. Keep Praying!! and Remember we need resources.

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