Say it Raheel!

I have so much to say but I guess, overloading information is not a good practice.

  1. God, I am sorry about being angry and unthankful yesterday but I know you are very kind. It was a difficult rather an impossible task to reach NWFP and Kashmir and transfer relief there because of heavy rains, hail and landslide. But now you’ve made things little easy. Relief is getting there. Thanks God.. thank you very much.
  2. 12:30 AM when 12th october has just started, some areas of Karachi felt slight jolts. Luckily we were not under that region but now I can better understand how thousands of homeless people would be feeling at this very moment – how much fear, tremor and sorrow you feel in those few seconds?! How worried I was, how much terror was there in my eyes and how fast was my heart beating?! I felt God forbid we can be the next victims. Allah ne reham kiya, He is merciful. He will surely help us and give us all the strength to make a huge difference. Amen
  3. I have a very nice e-mail explaining the cause of this earthquake and the tsunami. I tried to publish it here but I am getting trouble with the formatting. If anyone wants to read it, I can forward you that mail. Just send me a notification at or leave a comment asking for mail.
  4. I thought extensively about the whole issue and came to some conclusions. I will write a post about it very soon. Again its not a research but an opinion so you will have full right as always to agree or not.
  5. My horoscopes says that I could be shouting in an angry mood. Was I? Not at all. Okay only once, when the rickshaw driver drove/crashed/whateva! slightly over my foot. My vocab needs rehab.
  6. And.. yes Happy Birthday Mom!! May God bless you and our family with millions of such happy occassions to cherish. Thank you God for giving me such nice parents. May God bless them and keep us all in His kind and benovelent shelter. Amen. (An unusual moment, at one end there is happiness and at the other end there are tears in my eyes for those orphans who have lost everything in this disaster.. May Allah show them His unconditional love, help them and give them patience. Amen)

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