• Okay its about my H.R. teacher, he has a very fine taste of food and dining. Afterall he is piscean which means he has to be very thin. In most of classes, we usually end up talking about either restaurants or movies; very similar to my taste too.
  • The CRUEL owner of an exclusive alpine resort has banned young children but is still alowing dogs in his hotel. That means most of the bloggers linked on my sidebar are banned or maybe vice versa. Lmao.. just kidding!
  • I felt completely still and achy on bed today as if Godforbid I was dead or had paralysis.
  • Student’s Biryani, we all know that it is probably the best biryani in the town but today when I was there for take away, I found the service to be very lousy – an utter disappointment.
  • I will kill those Indus freaks. There is a show named Cafe Vision, the lamest show where people kill time by discussing on useless topics and never come to any conclusion. A singer came for reciting a hamd-e-baaritaalah and in the music piece he was acting as if he was a rock star who is playing guitar. This is how they represent the youth. Sigh!

Enough for today.. tune in tomorrow, same place, not sure about time – be here or be square.. hehe


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